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Cross Country Equipment

A large variety of jumps for every need whether it be training or competition. Specialising in portable fences, but fixed fences can also be built.

Custom made, the possibilities are endless. If you want it, OTT can build it!

OTT also specialises in Sponsor fences.

Our jumps can be purchased individually for home use or bundled in sets for club and competition use.

Cross Country Product Price List!

OTT supplied Japan with a large set of jumps and has recently been contracted to supply Eventing Queensland with a complete set of portables.

Packages available!

OTT goes to Japan!

A huge load of portable cc fences heads off to Japan

Pease Contact Us to discuss your requirements.


Competition Jumps

Roll Logs
Barrel and Stand
Rail Jump


  Contact Karl for all enquiries   showjumps@live.com.au 0413 767 865